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Like all squid, a giant squid has a mantle (torso), eight arms, and two longer tentacles (the longest known tentacles of any cephalopod). The arms and tentacles account for much of the squid's great length, making it much lighter than its chief predator, the sperm whale.Scientifically documented specimens have masses of hundreds, rather than thousands, of kilograms (100 kg is approximately 220 Class: Cephalopoda.

Oct 29, 2009 · Catch a glimpse into a pod of sperm whales feeding on a giant squid. These photos show sperm whale feeding on giant squid, which may yield lessons learned from mother to child.

Nov 09, 2017 · The largest toothed predator or the largest toothed whales has one name and that is the Sperm Whale. It is one of the species of the sperm whale family, which has two other species. On the other hand, colossal squid is also known as giant cranch squid and the Sperm whale has some scars on its body that resembles the tentacles of the giant squid.

The squid and whale diorama depicts a sperm whale clashing with its prey, a giant squid. The giant squid had never been seen in its natural habitat until 2005, when researchers got footage of an ad.

Sperm whales are known to dive over 6,500 feet in pursuit of food, staying under water for more than an hour. Of course, no humans have ever seen an encounter between a sperm whale and a giant squid, but the evidence is found in the stomachs of sperm whales that contain the indigestible beaks and other body parts of giant squids.