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Talk about the negative consequences that occurred.] The third option, forgiveness, is much better than the first two. You could choose to forgive the person for what they said or did. Forgiveness allows you to give the whole situation to God and let Him help to fix the broken friendship.

Your teen needs to understand that forgiveness does not involve approval of wrong-doing, instead it is a personal decision to move forward away from the pain. Forgiveness Frees Help your teenager see that once he identifies and expresses his feelings, it’s time to let them go.

Dec 06, 2012 · Forgive your teen quickly when they make big mistakes. It does not mean that you don’t deliver consequences but it means that you won’t historically bring up .

It’s easier for some teens to understand the process of forgiveness when they see it from an outside view. Asking two children from the group to stand up and perform a skit helps the other teens visualize the proper steps to forgive. Have the teens write a brief description of a .