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SWARM is a collective founded and led by sex workers who believe in self-determination, solidarity and co-operation. We campaign for the rights and safety of everyone who sells sexual services. Together we organise skill-shares and support meet-ups just for sex workers, as well as public events.

In recent news, the Sex Workers Project co-sponsored a rally on December 17th to protest the murder of immigrant worker Yang Song during an NYPD vice sting of a massage parlor. See our statement for International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

The Sex Worker Advocates Coalition (“SWAC”) was formed in October 2016 as a small working working group discussing the current status of sex worker rights in the District. By January 2017, the coalition had established defined principles and guidelines.

Protecting the Health and Rights of Sex Workers in the US and globally. Menu. Gender, Sexuality, and Rights. and national levels by sex worker advocacy organizations, health and harm reduction coalitions, and allies who seek to ensure that diversion processes overall .

A sex worker is a person who is employed in the sex industry. The term is used in reference to all those in all areas of the sex industry, including those who provide direct sexual services as well as the staff and management of such industries. Some sex workers are paid to engage in sex acts or sexually explicit behavior which involves varying degrees of physical contact with clients.