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The 13 Feminine Seduction Archetypes™ quiz is based on my original, psychology-driven catalogue of 13 Feminine Seduction Archetypes. Based on Jungian psychology and research into the inner-lives of history’s most fascinating women, this original system will help you understand your potential to captivate and make sense of your deepest, most innate drives.

The Love Doctor on Archetypes and Relationship Killers. Archetype List, Library, Relationships & Sex. Caregiver. Permalink Gallery Caregiver, Library, Relationships & Sex, Teen Archetypes. Discover the Nurturer Archetype. Library, Relationships & Sex, Teen Archetypes. All .

Lover in Love Yes! Usually. Maybe with a different person each week. Maybe with the same person always. Truly, deeply, madly? Of course! There is no other way for the Lover. Lover Challenge True love does make the world go ’round, at least for creatures like humans whose very survival as a species hinges on the addiction of love.

These 7 basic feminine archetypes are the foundation for my unique seduction theory. To better understand the 13 seductive archetypes, I implore you to read about the 7 feminine archetypes on which my system is based. Kim Catrall as “Samantha” on Sex .

May 25, 2015 · There is strength in intimacy; divinity in love, and no archetype wields this power more skillfully than the Lover: aptly named, often misunderstood. This archetype brings to mind the great romances, playboys, and jilted lovers of the world's story tapestry, but they are not limited to passionate affections. The Lover presides over all love: familial,.