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EEOC-Approved Sexual Harassment Investigation Interview Questions interviewing suspect in sexual assault

D. Interview Theme: A face-saving circumstance presented to the suspect to determine how close the suspect will come to acknowledging the sexual or physical abuse. Interview themes for sexual abuse: 1. Accidental or inadvertent contact 2. Contact that was not sexually motivated 3. Because of alcohol consumption the suspect may have forgotten.

Interviewing Techniques. Victims & Suspects are not the Same! Victim’s Interview: Crucial Evidence. The Investigation of a Sexual Assault is unlike any other type of Criminal Investigation due to the uniquely intimate and invasive nature of the crime. Police Placed Obstacles to Interviewing Sexual Assault Victims.

Sexual Assault Sexual Assault is defined as any kind of sexual activity that is unwanted, imposed by one person (or more) on another without consent. • It may include the use of physical force (but many sexual assaults do not), and it involves some combination of coercion, threats and intimidation.

The following questions can be customized to fit the situation. Maybe this is your first sexual harassment complaint.Remember to avoid “leading” questions and comments. Your documentation could become part of legal proceedings and it’s important to maintain the fact-finding intent of .

Investigative interviewing suspect guide This chapter contains these topics: Overview Interviewing principles Planning and preparation Engage and explain Account Closure and evaluation Unco-operative suspects Co-offenders, multiple offences and gathering intelligence Interviewing people in Department of Corrections custody Fingerprint and DNA.