How desperate are you to pee? - desperate pee hold squeeze bladder


How desperate is your bladder? desperate pee hold squeeze bladder

Do you need to pee? Just bored? Need to stimulate the need to pee? Or trying to figure out how long you'll last before you wet? Well, come over and take this test! In just a few minutes, you'll find out how desperate your bladder has become. Whether it is completely empty or bursting, just take this test and you'll find out soon enough.

How desperate are you to pee? 3 Comments. How full is your bladder feeling right now? Can you barley squeeze out a drop, or are you absolutely BURSTING to shoot out all that pee? Are you sitting in your seat normally, or holding your crotch tightly while you dance across the room in desperation?

Jan 04, 2015 · Already during the first beer, I felt my urge to pee increase. When I had finished it I had to squeeze my legs together to hold my pee. I didn’t had the intention to really wet my pants, I just wanted to feel the desperation and I asked myself whether I should go or to wait a little.

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My Pee Desperation Story It was the only thing making it easier for me to hold my bladder, so I decided to hold the fart instead of focusing on holding my pee. People say that holding I was SURE that no one else in the school had to go as badly as I did because no one else could have possibly been holding desperate pee for over 15 hoursReviews: 1.