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latex modified portland cement

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To obtain a high bond between the latex concrete overlay or mortar patch and the base concrete, a bond coat is brushed or broomed onto the prepared concrete surface. This bond coat can be the mixture used for the overlay or patch, or may be made by mixing undiluted latex with portland cement.Author: Author/Concrete-Construction-Staff.

The industry was now finally ready to recognize the great benefits of latex modified portland cement mortars. After 15 years of persistently promoting the superiority of latex portland cement mortars, Rothberg's Research and Development team was being proved correct. LATICRETE Mortars solved many of the problems encountered with dry-set mortars and.

Latex cement is composed of Portland cement, sand and a latex binder, according to the Home Depot website. Latex cements come in a many forms. Some latex cements are dry and must be mixed with water. Other mixtures are premixed and can be used directly from the container.

The TCNA describes latex/polymer-modified mortar as a mixture of Portland cement, sand, and special latex/polymer additives and says it also is used as a bond coat for setting tile. The TCNA doesn’t list or describe the types of tile that latex/polymer-modified mortar is most suitable for, but it does say that the latex additives in thin-bed Author: Author/Tom-Meehan.