Complete Guide to Vancouver's Wreck Beach - where is the gay area of wreck beach


Wreck Beach, Gay Vancouver Cruising Areas where is the gay area of wreck beach

The gay area of the main beach I believe is to the left by the breakwater. Alternatively at the top you can walk a bit go down trail 7 to the gay area with smaller beaches tot he left or the main gay beach to the right, you gotta walk a fair bit though along the path.

It's the more southerly section (to your left, as you hike down to the beach) that has the main gay following, basically, the area south of the North Arm Breakwater, and accessed via the rather steep trail (it has stairs) marked as Trail No. 7. Another good resource on this entire park is the Wreck Beach Preservation Society.

Wreck Beach is located on the southwestern coast of Vancouver, across from the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus. The beach is at the base of a cliff, and the trails leading down to the beach, which can be steep and are not accessible for strollers or wheelchairs, can be hard to find for first-time beachgoers. Vancouver Gay Guide.

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Wreck Beach has been rated as one of top nude beaches in the world. This was my first time going to such a place even though I've driven past it for over a thousand times. Interestingly, Wreck Beach is the only nude beach in the world located on a university campus.4.5/5(58).