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21 Problems Only Women With Big Boobs Understand large breasts problems

Skin rashes or problems. Heavier breasts can cause a host of skin problems. These problems usually occur in the folds beneath the breast crease. If you have large breasts you would require big sized bras to support the heavy weight. Yet large straps do cause marks, rashes and Author: Padmapreetham.

Extremely large breasts can cause numerous problems, not just aesthetically. One study of 31 women who had breast reduction surgery found that 81 percent had neck and back pain, 77 percent had shoulder pain, 58 percent had chafing or rash, 45 percent reported significant limitation in their activity, and 52 percent were unhappy with their.

"Sometimes a woman with very large breasts will know instinctively that the extra weight on her chest is causing the problems but just as often she doesn't recognize the connection and sometimes.

• Cons of large breasts • How to deal with it? • When is surgery necessary? While small breasts may cause aesthetic discomfort due to perceived failure to achieve certain beauty standards, large breasts cause serious health problems.Enlarged breasts in females are called macromastia and in .

Like all parts of our anatomy, breasts come in many different shapes and sizes. But there can be health problems that come with having very large breasts. If any of the following sound familiar, it may be time to ask if losing weight, physiotherapy, or breast reduction or uplift surgery could help.