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Job Description for Adult Education Teacher Pulaski County Adult Education Program. Work Activities • Responsible for t eaching Adult Basic Education, Pre-GED and GED courses using instructional methods geared toward the adult learner in a classroom sett ing.

Career Opportunities Take your career to the next level while you gain the confidence to succeed in the ever-changing world of education. This program is primarily designed to serve subject matter experts in any field that facilitates adult learning activities, preparing you to take on planning and instructional responsibilities in areas such as.

Jan 31, 2017 · The opportunity for disruptive innovation is ripe. mandates a focus on integrating technology into adult basic education. these incumbent providers have established business Author: Michael Horn.

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ROLE STATEMENT ADULT EDUCATION COUNSELOR Duties and Responsibilities: Leadership and Communication: 1. Participate as a member of the Leadership Team, the district and the site Curriculum Councils. 2. Provide leadership and training to Counseling Office staff and evening advisors 3. Provide leadership to Student Advisory Council. 4.