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Amateur Radio Perfection. Home; Products. Commercial Receivers. RX-340 Commercial Rx; RX-331 Multi-mode HF Rx; Transceivers. NEW 588+ OMNI-VII+ Tx/Rx; 599AT EAGLE Tx/Rx 100W; 539 Argonaut VI QRP Tx/Rx; 507 Patriot SSB & CW QRP; 506 Rebel CW Tx/Rx; 1380 – 80 Meter QRP Tx/Rx; Microphones & Matching Cables;.

Ten-Tec Ham and Amateur Radio Transceivers. Tap into the global ham radio network with the assistance of Ten-Tec radio transceivers. The Ten-Tec company produces a wide variety of radio equipment and accessories that allow you to deviate from using mainstream communications networks.Band: HF.

Model 708A deluxe base microphone. TEN-TEC model 708A is an omni-directional dynamic microphones designed for use as a.

Oct 04, 2017 · I used to love TenTec and the user community. Great radios and great support. I was very loyal having purchased a number of radios. But like many others, I gave up hope and moved on. Back to all Japanese radios. Considering an Elecraft or a Flex in the future as TenTec is and will remain completely off the radar.

The WB8NUT Blog - Thoughts and Ramblings on Amateur Radio Today. General Update & Thoughts. I have owned a number of TenTec radios over the years and still have an Argonaut V which is very nice. THE Digital Standard for Amateur Radio" on the front and "DStar Accept No Substitutes" on the back. We wore them the entire day on Saturday.