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Balanitis is a swelling of the foreskin, or head of the penis. Symptoms of balanitis include swelling, redness, discharge, itchiness, and pain. About 1 in 20 males experiences balanitis, and it Author: April Kahn And Tim Jewell.

The foreskin is the sheath of skin that covers the head (glans) of the penis. Without regular cleaning, a build-up of a whitish-yellow substance known as ‘smegma’ can occur under the foreskin, which may cause infection. Circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin and is a common Page last reviewed: 31 Aug 2014.

Foreskin problems are generally one of two types, phimosis and paraphymosis. Symptoms of foreskin problems include blood in the urine, penile pain, difficulty .

Balanitis is an infection that can make you uncomfortable in one of the most sensitive areas -- the end of your penis and the loose flap of skin that covers the tip. It can be treated, and it’s.

Aug 08, 2017 · Your age may determine the cause of your phimosis. Children and adults may experience phimosis for different reasons. In young boys, a tight foreskin is Author: James Roland.