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Fullerton College’s 2019 State Championship basketball team excels far beyond the court with eight members of the team transferring to four-year universities with an associate degree in one hand and a scholarship in the other.

We understand the specific and unique challenges our adult learners face and believe our services are tailored to meet your needs. Who is a re-entry student? Non-traditional students who identify as parents, married/domestic partnership individuals, returning to college, and students over the age of 24 are considered re-entry.

Continuing students should refer to the Class Schedule to determine if they are eligible for priority registration. Please be sure to have your most current e-mail address on file with Fullerton College, otherwise you risk missing important registration updates and information.

ESL classes at Fullerton College allowed me to improve my English skills so much better. I was in a language school before transferring here, but they do not offer the writing class or academic conversation class in the school. ESL classes here gave me so many opportunities to .

The Wilshire Center has been in continuous use for educational purposes since 1890, when the first red brick schoolhouse was built at the northeast corner of Lemon Street and Wilshire Avenue.