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What is adult foster home care in Oregon? When elderly people or adults with physical disabilities are no longer able to care for themselves in their own homes, adult foster care may be an option. Adult foster homes are single-family residences that offer 24-hour care in a home-like setting. A wide.

What is Adult Foster Care? Adult Foster Care (AFC) provides a 24-hour living arrangement with supervision in an adult foster home for people who are unable to continue living independently in their own homes because of physical, mental or emotional limitations. AFC providers and .

Adult Foster Care in the Homes of Family Members Many families choose to care for aging parents (or other relatives) in their homes. Until recently, most forms of financial assistance for adult foster care prohibited family members for being compensated to care for relatives who have moved into their homes.

Family adult foster care. In family homes, the license holder lives in the home and is the primary caregiver. Most adults in family adult foster care in Hennepin County qualify for either group residential housing funds or pay with private funds. Some family providers hold an additional license to accept waiver payments.

Adult Family Home Locator. Adult Family Homes are regular neighborhood homes where staff assumes responsibility for the safety and well-being of the adult. Some may also provide occasional nursing care. Learn what questions to ask and things to look for to find the right home for you in our free booklet Choosing Care in an Adult Family Home or.