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Adult Language Learners: Context and Innovation 2 problem-solving tasks over memorization, whereas others may prefer learning styles developed during their school years (Knowles, Holton, & Swanson, 1998). This early view of adult language learners as unique, complex individuals coin-cides with constructivist theory (Williams & Burden, 1997).

Welcome to the LINCS Adult English Language Learners Group.. The group is a community of practice for educators to discuss issues relevant to providing research- and evidence-based educational services to adult English language learners; share information and resources that can be used to inform practitioners about these issues and improve practice; and enrich and improve public policies.

"Adult Language Learners: Context and Innovation" presents instructional practices that are particularly successful with adults. Adult language learners are goal oriented and direct their learning to fulfill particular needs or demands: to advance their studies, to progress up the career ladder, to follow business opportunities, to pass a driving test, to assist their children with homework Cited by: 5.

Motivating adult language learners with StartUp. StartUp is an innovative eight-level, multi-skills general English course built around the Global Scale of English (GSE). It is a complete language program that motivates 21st century learners with relevant and media-rich content, and provides teachers with robust support to make teaching.