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Resources / Home & Family / 40 Fun Holiday Party Themes A glam adult party with holiday-themed martinis. Try eggnog martinis, candy cane martinis or anything that calls for an olive. The little red pimento makes green olives the perfect Christmas garnish! Adult Skate. It’s time for the adults to play like children, so reserve the local Author: Stacey Whitney.

Aug 15, 2018 · Holiday party season is on. Before you put out a standard store-bought cookie platter and turn on the Christmas music, consider these totally fun Occupation: Contributing Editor.

No matter what the occasion, adult party themes make party planning easier, instantly providing ideas for activities, food and decorations. A Christmas decorating party is just one possible theme to consider for the holiday season. Serve your guests festive Christmas cookies and eggnog and play a mix of Christmas tunes to set the mood for the party.Author: Cheryl Cirelli.

50 Party Themes For Adults Whenever I’m planning a party, the first thing I do is choose a theme. Partly because it makes it so much easier for me to plan the rest of the party (I can then simply choose food, drinks and decorations to loosely fit the theme) but mainly because I know that .

kid adult. festive unique activity. SHUFFLE CLEAR FILTERS. You can't go wrong with good old-fashioned Christmas themes. A simple snowman holiday party, complete with frosty cake toppers and strings of snowmen hanging from the ceiling, is the perfect way to gather your loved ones this season.Author: Shutterfly.