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Help! My Dog Is Peeing in the House! What Can I Do? adult dog urination

Like submissive urination, this behavior often occurs during greetings and sometimes during stressful social interactions with people.) Submissive urination is most common in puppies, but some adult dogs submissively urinate as well, especially those who seem to lack confidence. The behavior is more common in some breeds than others, such as.

One such problem that some dog parents have experienced is frequent urination. If your dog is fully house-trained, but is recently starting to pee a lot to the point that he may even be having "accidents" in the house, or if your dog is trying and straining to pee all the time, pay attention! Dog frequent urination is usually a sign of illness.

Several factors contribute to how often your dog needs to pee. The frequency might increase based on little things like your pet drinking extra water after a hot day at the park or after sneaking some potato chips. Or frequent urination in dogs might indicate a much bigger issue, such as a health problem.Author: Care.Com.

When an adult dog suddenly has an issue, it usually is because of a traumatic event such as losing his caretaker, being taken to the shelter, or attacked by an intruder or stranger. While some breeds are more likely to have excitement and submissive urination issues, it can happen to any dog.

Oct 21, 2017 · Dog frequent urination is a symptom of some underlying health problems such as bladder infections, kidney failure, liver failure, and others.